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    10 inch Omelet Pan with Cover
    13 inch Omelet Pan with Cover

    5-HTP Power 5-Hydroxy-Trypt.

    5-W last 5 Weeks of Pregnancy


    8 Inch Omelet Pan with Cover

    Acidophilus - Milk Free

    Acne Homeopathic

    AG-C Digestive & Detoxifying


    ALJ Allergy Formula Vegitabs

    ALJ Asthma Formula Capsules

    ALJ Respiratory Allergy / Asthma

    ALJ Respiratory Formula Vegitabs

    All Cell Detox

    Allergies Homeopathic

    Allergy Homeopathic

    Allergy Relief Homeopathic

    Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera Juice 32 fl. oz.

    Aloe Vera- Whole Leaf - 32 fl. oz.

    Anamu Immune System Support

    Appetite Control Homeopathic

    APS II Pain Relief W/White Willow

    Aromatherapy Neb. Replacement

    Aromatherapy Nebulizer Maint. Kit

    Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser

    Artemisia Combination

    Arthritis Homeopathic

    Asthma Homeopathic

    Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula

    Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula

    Ayurvedic Formula for Skin Problem

    Ayurvedic Joint Health (JNT-AV)

    B Balanced B Complex Vitamins

    B6 Vitamin / 50 mg

    Barley Grass Juice Powder Conctrt

    B-Complex Vitamin Capsules

    Bedwetting Homeopathic Remedy

    Bee Pollen

    Bergamot BIO Aromatherapy

    Bifidophilus Flora Force Probiotic

    Bilberry Fruit Concentrate for Eyes

    Black Cohosh for Women

    Black Currant Oil for EFA's

    Black Ointment

    Black Walnut Capsules

    Black Walnut Extract for Digestive

    Blessed Thistle: Glandular System

    Blood Pressurex

    Bone/Skin Poultice BON-C

    Bowel Build

    BP-C Blood Purifier Liver Builder

    BP-X Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Brain Protex With Huperzine

    Breathe Free Aromatherapy Oil

    Burdock detoxifying chronic toxicity

    Butchers Broom- varicose veins

    C - Vitamin - 1000 mg Time Release

    C - Vitamin - Chewable / 250 mg

    C Vitamin - 1000 mg Time Release

    C Vitamin Ascorbates

    C Vitamin Citrus B. 500mg

    Caffeine Detox Homeopathic

    Calcium W/Magnesium & Vitamin D

    Calcium-Magnesium - SynerPro

    Calming Homeopathic For Children


    Caprylic Acid Combination

    Caprylimune - stimulate Immunity

    Capsicum & Garlic with Parsley

    Capsicum : Cardiovascular


    Cascara Sagrada Capsules

    Cascara Sagrada Vegitabs


    Catnip & Fennel

    CBG Extract - Immune System

    CC-A Capsules for Colds

    CC-A W/Yerba Santa Colds Flu


    Cellu-Smooth for Diet ; Cellulite

    Cellu-Tone pure essential oil

    Chamomile : Stress - Digestive

    Chamomile- Roman Essential Oil


    Chickweed Capsules : urinary tract

    Children's Antioxidants W/Grapine

    Children's Herbasaurs Cough Syrup

    Children's Mult. Vit. + Iron Liquid

    Children's Vit. Elderberry Plus

    Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic

    Chinese Para Cleanse

    Chinese Red Rice Extract

    Chinese Tiao He Cleanse

    Chlorophyll - Capsules

    Chlorophyll- Liquid (16 fl. oz.)

    Chlorophyll- Liquid (32 fl. oz.)


    Chromium GTF/500 mcg. (90 count)

    Clary Sage Aromatherapy Oil (5 ml)

    Clean Start

    CleanStart Colon Cleanse Detoxify

    CleanStart Whole Body Cleansing

    Clove Bud BIO Aromatherapy (5 ml)

    CLT-X for the Digestive System

    Cold Homeopathic

    Cold homeopathic for Children

    Collatrim Bovine Collagen

    Collatrim Bovine Collagen Capsules

    Colloidal Minerals

    Colloidal Silver


    CoQ10 good for the heart

    Co-Q10 Plus : Coenzyme Q10


    Cordyceps Strength / Endurance

    Cornsilk Bladder and Kidney Form.

    Cough Syrup - DH

    Cough Syrup - LP

    Cough Syrup -NT - Nighttime

    Cranberry / Buchu Concentrate

    C-X Female

    Daily Facial Moisturize Normal/Dry

    Damiana infertility- hot flashes- pms

    Deep Relief Essential Oil

    Defense Maintenance Capsules

    Depression Formula: AD-C

    Detoxification Homeopathic

    DHEA (female formula) Anti-Aging

    DHEA (mens formula) Anti-Aging

    Digestive Bitters Tonic

    Distress Remedy-Flower Remedy

    Dong Quai : Female / Womens

    Dropper (1)

    E Vitamin 400 IU W/ Selenium

    E- Vitamin-100 IU (180 count)

    Echinacea / Golden Seal

    Echinacea / Golden Seal Liq.- 2 oz.

    Echinacea Purpurea (180)

    Eczema/Psoriasis Homeopathic

    Elderberry Defense: Colds- Flu

    Energ-V Capsules

    Energ-V Vegitabs

    Enviro-Detox (100 count)

    E-Tea (Essiac Tea)

    Eucalyptus BIO Aromatherapy 5 ml

    Evening Primrose Oil (90 count)

    EW for Eye Problems (100 count)

    Eyebright for Eye Problems

    Fasting Plus (100 count)

    Fat Grabbers (120)

    Fat Grabbers (360)

    Fatigue/Exhaustion (100 count)

    FC W/Dong Quai PMS-Menopause

    FCS II (with Lobelia)

    Feminine Tonic (100 count)

    Fenugreek & Thyme (100 count)

    Feverfew High Parthenolide

    Fibralgia : Fibromyalgia

    Flash-Ease (60 tablets)

    Flax Seed Oil (60 count)

    Flax Seed Oil Liquid

    Focus Attention for ADD and ADHD

    Folic Acid Plus (90 count)

    Food Enzyme Capsules

    Four (100 count)

    Frankincense Essential Oil (5 ml)

    Free Amino Acids (60 count)

    GABA Plus

    Gall Bladder Formula

    Garcinia Combination/ Weight Loss

    Garlic (100 count)

    Garlic Oil Capsules (60 count)

    Gastro Health HP Fighter Conc.

    GC-X for the Circulatory System

    Geranium Aromatherapy Oil (5 ml)

    Germanium Combination/30 mg

    Ginger (100 count)

    Ginkgo & Hawthorn

    Ginkgo Biloba Time Release

    Ginko / Gotu Kola Concentrate

    Ginseng - Korean

    Ginseng - Siberian


    Golden Salve

    Golden Seal boosts Immunity

    Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract

    Gotu Kola (100 count)

    Grapefruit- Pink BIO Aromatherapy

    Grapine with Protectors (120 count)

    Grapine-High Potency (60 count)

    Green Tea Extract


    Guardian Aromatherapy Oil (5 ml)

    Guggul Lipid (Concentrate)

    Hawthorn Berries 100 count

    Hawthorn Berries Extract 2 fl oz

    Healing AC Cream (2 oz.)

    Herbal Beverage (3.5 oz.)

    Herbal CA ATC Conc. Calcium

    Herbal Hair Conditioner

    Herbal HP Fighter Concentrate

    Herbal Pumpkin

    Herbal Punch (16 fl. oz.)

    Herbal Shampoo for all hair types

    Hi Lipase (100 count)

    HIGS II (100 count)

    HistaBlock for allergy and hayfever

    Hops (100 count)

    Horsetail for the Circulatory System

    HS II for the Heart

    HSN Complex (90 count)

    HSN-W for Hair/Skin Conditions

    HVP : Insomnia / sleep troubles

    HY-A (100 count)

    HY-C (100 count)


    Hydrated Bentonite

    IF-C : mild diuretic and laxative

    IGS II Capsules (100 count)

    Inflammation (100 count)

    Intestinal Soothe and Build

    IN-X: infection fighter.

    Irish Moss Lotion (8.3 fl. oz.)

    Iron- Chelated/25 mg (180 count)

    I-X is an herbal iron source

    JNT-A relief for Sore Joints

    JNT-A Vegitabs

    JP-X (100 count)

    Juniper Berries

    K : Aids the bladder and kidneys

    K ATC Concentrate (50 count)

    Kava Kava for Stress Concentrated

    KB-C structural and urinary support

    K-C : a Chinese Herbal Diuretic

    Kelp (100 count)

    Kudzu/St. Johns Wort (100 count)

    Lavender Fine AOC Aromatherapy

    LB Extract (2 fl. oz.)

    LBS II Capsules (100 count)

    LBS II Vegitabs (100 count)

    LBS II Vegitabs (270 count)

    LB-X a laxative combination

    l-Carnitine (30 count)

    Lecithin (270 count)

    Lemon BIO Aromatherapy Oil

    l-Glutamine (30 count)

    LH-C (100 count)

    Licorice Root (100 count)

    Licorice Root ATC Concentrate

    Licorice Root Extract (2 fl. oz.)

    Liver Balance (LIV-C)

    Liver Cleanse Formula (LIV A)

    LIV-J (100 count)

    l-Lysine (100 count)

    Lobelia (100 count)

    Lobelia Essence (2 fl. oz.)

    LOCLO High Fiber Supplement

    Lymph Gland Cleanse : HIGS II

    Lymphomax for optimum lymphatic

    Magnesium 250 mg (180 count)


    Marshmallow & Fenugreek

    Marshmallow & Pepsin : Digestive

    Massage Oil (4 fl. oz.)

    Master Gland Capsules

    Master Gland for Glandular function

    Mega-Chel (90 count)

    Mega-Chel for the heart (180 count)

    Melatonin Extra 3mg : Insomnia


    Men's Formula w/Lycopene

    Menstrual : Menstruation and PMS

    MetaboStart Weight Loss Program

    Migraquel for Headaches/Migraines

    Milk Thistle Comb. w/o Iron

    Milk Thistle Time Release

    Mineral Maintenance 70 trace min.

    Monthly Maintenance for Women

    Morinda Citrifolia Juice (16 fl oz)



    Mullein (100 count)

    Multiple Vit. & Minerals SynerPro

    Multiple Vitamins & Minerals T/R

    Myrrh Essential Oil (5 ml)

    Natural Changes (42 Packets)

    Nature's Cleanse (14 day program)

    Nature's Immune Stimulator

    Nature's prenatal Multivitamin

    Nature's Three Fiber Rich Dietary

    Nerve Control (RE-X ): Stress

    Nerve Control (RE-X) : Stress

    Nervous Fatigue Formula : HS-C

    Nervous Fatigue Formula HS-C


    Niacin/250 mg (90 count)

    Noni Morinda Citrifolia Juice


    Nutri-Calm a B Vitamin Supplement

    Nutri-Calm for Stress and Anxiety

    Olive Leaf Extract : Immune System

    Oregano- Wild Aromatherapy Oil

    Oregon Grape

    Pain Homeopathic Remedy

    Pantothenic Acid - 250 mg

    Papaya Mint Chewables


    Parsley : Digestive Help

    Passion flower relaxation and sleep

    Patchouli Aromatherapy Essential

    Pau D'arco (100 count)

    Pau D'arco (270 count)

    Pau D'arco / Taheebo tea (7 oz)

    Pau D'Arco Extract (2 fl. oz.)

    Pau D'Arco Lotion

    PBS for glandular function

    PDA Combination HCI and pepsin

    Peppermint (5 ml)

    Phyto-Soy Standardized Soy ext.

    Pine Needle Aromatherapy

    PLS II



    Pro G Yam Cream 5 mg Tube

    Pro G Yam Cream 500mg

    Pro Pancreas (P-14)

    Proactazyme : Digestive Enzymes

    Protease Plus

    PS II : Prostate- Urinary Tract

    Psyllium Hulls (100 count)

    Psyllium Hulls Combination (13 oz)

    Psyllium Seeds (100 count)

    P-X : Urinary System Tonic

    Red Clover : blood purifier

    Red Clover Blend (2 fl. oz.)

    Red Raspberry : a Female tonic

    Rose Bulgarian Aromatherapy

    Rose Hips

    Rosemary (5 ml)


    Sandalwood Aromatherapy


    Saw Palmetto

    Saw Palmetto Concentrate


    Senna Combination: laxative

    SF Capsules : laxative and diuretic

    Shark Cartilage - SC Formula

    Shark Cartilage W/Reishi


    Sinus Formula (SN-X Capsules)

    Skeletal Strength Calcium Supp.

    Slippery Elm stomach - intestines

    Small Intestine Detox

    SnorEase snoring help (60 count)

    Sore Throat/Laryngitis Homeopathic

    Spirulina : blue green algae

    Spleen Activator : UC-C

    Sprains & Pulls

    St Johns Wort Conc. (time release)

    St. John's Wort Concentrate

    St.Johns Wort Time Release

    Stevia Powder Extract


    STR-C : stress relief - anxiety

    Stress Pack w/Nutri Calm

    STRESS-J : anxiety and relaxation

    STR-J : A mild herbal sedative

    SugarReg : regulate blood sugar

    SUMA Combination

    Sunshine Brite Natural Toothpaste

    Super Algae

    Super Antioxidant

    Super Supplemental Vit. W/O Iron

    Syner Protein - Vanilla Flavored

    Syner ProTein -Cocoa Flavor

    Target Endurance : energy formula

    Target P-14

    Target TS II

    Teething homeopathic for children

    Tei Fu Essential Oil

    Tei Fu Massage Lotion

    THIM-J for chronic illness

    Three mult-vitamin/mineral supp.

    Thyme Linalol BIO Aromatherapy

    Thyroid Activator : KC-X

    Tobacco Detox Homeopathic

    Tobacco Detox Tablet

    Tofu Moo

    Trigger Immune (IMM-C) Capsules

    TS II with Hops : thyroid support

    Ultimate Echinacea for Colds- Flu

    Ultimate Green Zone

    Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) Immunity

    Urinary Maintenance (URY)

    Urinary Maintenance Capsules

    Uva Ursi : Bladder & Incontinence

    Vaccination Detox (1 fl oz)

    Valerian Root : natural- sleep aid

    Valerian Root Extract

    Valerian Root Time Release


    Vari-Gone : varicose veins

    Viral Recovery Homeopathic

    Vita Lemon lemon flavored powder

    Vitamin A & D 10-000/400 IU


    VS-C Caps. strengthens immunity

    VS-C Liquid : immunity- bacterial

    Weight Loss Shaker

    White Oak Bark : diarrhea

    Wild Yam Chaste Tree PMS / Men.

    Wild Yam a natural pain reliever

    X-A for Prostate Function

    X-Action for Women Sexual Health

    X-Action- Men

    Yarrow blood cleanser

    Yellow dock : eczema - psoriasis

    Ylang Ylang essential oil :

    Yucca : arthritis - rheumatism

    Zinc 25 mg Chelated

    Zinc Throat Lozenges for colds/flu
    Corner   Corner
    Corner   Corner


    Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula (NBS-AV) : Diabetes

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    AYURVEDIC BLOOD SUGAR FORMULA Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formula [Glandular]. This formula, developed by Indian Ayurvedic masters, provides nutrients necessary for glandular system function. It supports the liver, pancreas and intestines in promoting blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Each preservative-free capsule contains a 570 mg blend of concentrated extracts of these herbs: Gymnema sylvestre leaf Momordica charantia fruit bark Pterocarpus marsupium gum Aegle marmelos leaf Enicostemma littorale herb Andrographis paniculata herb Curcuma longa rhizome Syzygium cumini seed Azadirachta indica leaf Picrorhiza kurroa root Trigonella foenum-graecum seed Cyperus rotundus tuber Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily.

    B Balanced B Complex Vitamins

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Suitable for vegetarians both because of its high level of B12 and because no animal by products are used. Since the same amount of each B vitamin is not necessarily needed by the body- this formula is balanced to assist B12 absorption.

    Tablets are coated to preserve freshness- contain no sugar- starch- artificial colorings or flavorings and are yeast free.

    One tablet supplies the following:
    Vitamin B1 - 5 mg- Vitamin B2 - 6 mg- Vitamin B-6 - 9 mg- Vitamin B12 - 50 mcg- Biotin - 0.1 mg- Folic Acid - 0.4 mg- Niacin - 50 mg- Pantothenic Acid - 45 mg.
    These are in a unique base for which no nutritional values are claimed- choline- inositol- para aminobenzoic acid- rice polish- watercress- wheat germ- cabbage and lettuce. Take one tablet daily with a meal.

    For additional vitamin products search drop down menu below under product type; vitamins/minerals.

    BP-C Blood Purifier and Liver Builder

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Rebuilding a weakened liver and removing toxins from the blood will have encouraging corrective effects throughout the body- such as restoring hormone balances- and overall energy levels.

    Weakened liver conditions include PMS- hypoglycemia- skin problems- cirrhosis and hepatitis. A weakened liver weakens the entire body.

    Although men get general benefit- women enjoy additonal support for female reproductive and endocrine systems. BP-C also contains powerful immune system stimulant herbs.

    CONTAINS: ganoderma- dang gui-peony- lycium- bupleurum- curcuma- cornus- salvia- ho shou wu- atractylodes- achyranthes- ligusticum- alisma- astragalus- ligustrum- rehmannia- Panax ginseng- cyperus.

    Take three capsules three times daily. 100 capsules.

    Chromium GTF/500 mcg. (90 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    A trace mineral that plays a role in regulating blood sugar levels. Each glucose tolerance factor molecule- a hormonelike compound- requires chromium as its central atom. GTF works with insulin to transport glucose from the blood into the cells. When this function is not working properly- the cells resist insulin and do not properly absorb the glucose needed for energy.
    The liver also needs chromium to manufacture fatty acids- lecithin- cholesterol and lipoproteins. Without chromium- blood fats tend to rise because the liver cannot filter them out. Processing destroys much of the chromium content in foods.
    Each tablet of GTF chromium contains 500 mcg of chromium amino acid chelate and chromium nicotinate in a base of red clover tops- yarrow flower- and horsetail herb. Stock 1801-6. 90 capsules per bottle.

    HY-A (100 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Helps to restore blood sugar imbalances by feeding the organs that regulate carbohydrate metabolism- pancreas- liver- adrenal and liver. HY-A is especially helpful for low blood sugar. The good effects include reduced pancreatic inflammation- increased production of pancreatic digestive enzymes- strengthened adrenal glands and improved liver capacity.Caution if high blood pressure- obesity or edema.
    CONTAINS: licorice root- safflower flowers- dandelion root- horseradish root. It contains natural sources of chromium- iron- magnesium- potassium- silicon and sodium. Stock No 950-0. 100 capsules per bottle.

    JP-X (100 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    This combination is diuretic and antiseptic. It is used to restore weakened sexual function- also scanty or difficult urination- water retention- bladder infections. The concept here is to reduce male characteristics that are related to too much water. Caution if nephritis (kidney degeneration)- this combination is intended for kidney inflammation and will stimulate production of urine. Contains dong quai- goldenseal- juniper berry- uva ursi- parsley- ginger- marshmallow.

    l-Glutamine (30 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    An amino acid (a protein building block) which is important along with glucose in supplying the brain with energy. Each capsule contains 500 mg of l-glutamine. Take one or more capsules daily with meals. 30 capsules per bottle. Stock 1776-0

    Licorice Root (100 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Licorice root has a long history of use by cultures throughout the world- including the Greeks- Egyptians- Chinese and Hindus. It grows wild in southern and central Europe and is extensively cultivated in Russia- Spain- Persia and India. Licorice was so v

    Licorice Root Extract (2 fl. oz.)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Licorice root is a very sweet herb that is used frequently in chinese combinations. Its anti spasmodic- antibacterial and anti inflammatory actions make for excellent throat lozenges and ulcer remedies. It helps destroy viruses and to stimulate and clear the lymphatic system.
    Licorice feeds and activates the adrenal glands for a higher- more even level of energy. It has hormone building effects. It is used by hypoglycemics to improve blood sugar regulation. The Chinese use licorice in combinations to normalize- balance- harmonize the body from negative to a positive- health state. Diabetics should avoid licorice root which is very sweet. Licorice can gradually increase sodium retention so long term users of licorice should add a potassium supplement and reduce salt use.

    Master Gland for Glandular function : A Key System Product!

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    A complete vitamin- mineral and herb tonic formula for gland health balance. The glands regulate energy- fluids- hormones- digestion and just about every other body function. Glandular balance is absolutely required for abudant health. Master Gland contains essential vitamins and mineral- combined with specific herbs which are rich in easily absorbed trace minerals- to supply the glands with nutrients essential for optimum health.

    Helps pancreas- thyroid and adrenals produce the hormones that regulate energy and blood sugar levels.

    CONTAINS: beta carotene- vitamins C and E- zinc- pantothenic acid- manganese- potassium- lecithin- in a base of licorice- lemon bioflavonoids- asparagus- alfalfa- parsley- kelp- black walnut- thyme- parthenium- schizandra- siberian ginseng- dong quai- dandelion- uva ursi- marshmallow.
    120 capsules per bottle

    Nature's Three: a Fiber Rich Dietary Supplement

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Nature's Three [Intestinal] includes psyllium, oat fibers and apple fibers to support the normal functions of the bowel. Each serving provides 2 g of dietary fiber-1 g of soluble and 1 g of insoluble fiber. Both are naturally present in food. They are important to health but can be lost in the refining process, and both are important to the health of the body. Each 10-calorie serving provides 2 grams of dietary fiber equal to one fresh apple without the extra calories. Mix 1-1/2 teaspoons with 8 oz. water or juice. Drink with one or two meals daily.Stock No. 1345-0 (12 oz.) Label Description Fiber Supplement Recommended Usage Mix 11/2 teaspoons in 8 oz of water or juice once or twice daily. Ingredients Supplement Facts Serving Size 1.5 Teaspoons (4.3 g) Servings per container: 79 Amount Per 1.5 Teaspoons Proprietary blend 4.3 g* Psyllium Seed Hulls (Plantago ovata) Apple Fiber Oat Bran (Avena sativa) *Daily Value not established Other Ingredients: Fructose and natural flavors


    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Nopal is perhaps more commonly known as prickly pear and is native to Mexico and the Southwest and has been naturalized in semi tropical areas throughout the world. Nopal can also be found growing throughout the plains with at least one variety even found

    Pantothenic Acid - 250 mg (100 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Pantothenic acid is used throughout the body. It is involved in all vital body functions. It is required for glandular balance and production of hormones and enzymes. Thus- it effects energy levels- growth and tissue repair and our ability to deal well with all types of stress.
    Each capsule of d-calcium pantothenate is 2500% of the USRDA. It is found in fresh foods- but is destroyed by cooking. Deficiancy can cause chronic fatigue- hair loss and graying- muscular weakness- digestive disorders- constipation- depression and many other debilitating symptoms. Defficiancy can also be a factor in allergies and asthma.

    Papaya Mint Chewables : Indigestion

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Nutritional support for the digestive system. Papaya fruit contains proteolytic enzymes that function in the digestion of protein- while peppermint leaves contain aromatic compounds capable of triggering the production of digestive fluids. Together they work to support the digestive system.

    Papaya Mints can be taken before or during a meal to facilitate digestion and inhibit dyspepsia.

    CONTAINS: papaya fruit- peppermint leaf- fructose and sorbitol. Stock 485-6. 70 chewable tablets per bottle.

    Psyllium Hulls (100 count)

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    Soluble fiber is very important to the Diabetic diet.
    Psyllium hulls are an effective mucilaginous- high fiber bulk laxative. They are about 70% soluble fiber compared with only 7% for oat bran. High fiber diets are important in controlling weight- ch

    Spirulina : blue green algae

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    A blue green algae that grows in warm- alkaline fresh waters around the world- including Lake Texcoco in Mexico- and Lakes Rudolf and Nakura in Kenya. Its value as a food source is demonstrated by the fact that when the Spanish conquered the Aztec empire-

    Target P-14 - diabetics and hypoglycemics

    Suggested Retail:

    Current Sale Price:


    14 herbs that support the pancreas. Helps regulate blood sugar. Relieves glandular inflammation including pancreas- prostate- kidneys and liver. Stimulates these organs to produce fluids- pancreatin- urine and bile. Target minerals are chelated to specifi

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